Saturday, July 4, 2009

Day 28: Abeline to Topeka -- A century of rolling hills Ohio style

Pictures are here.
Miles Today: 112
Total Miles: 2110
Avg Speed: 17.4
Max Speed: 38.5
Total Time: 6:23
Flats Today: 0;
Total flats:8
Weather: Overcast and in 70's with wonderful steady tailwind from the west all day long Body: Really sluggish and tired.

Gorgeous riding today! What more could you ask for? Beautiful rolling green countryside on low traffic rollered smoothly paved roads. Temperatures in the high 70's due to the cloud cover but not a spec of precipitation. And, perhaps best of all, since I was feeling really sluggish today, a steady tailwind that pushed you along even on the ups.

We passed through several towns which were typically devoid of much life because of the Holiday except for the spot of our second SAG. There the town park was the site of a community 4th of July picnic, complete with games for the kids, barbeque pits and a gazebo occupied by a couple of local guitar players and crooners. Great fun!.

My camera ran out of juice and I had forgotten to take on spare batteries so I got only a few pictures of my own. But I did down load a bunch of Bob Horn's pictures from the previous days which precede the ones from today's. And, I downloaded some of his from today as well which fill in the holes for me.

The Holiday Inn we are staying at tonight has one of those elaborate indoor pool recreation areas including a large water slide, ping pong tables and other stuff. Nice place to relax and recoup. Dinner was Pasta buffet at the motel. After dinner Chuck and I shot a game of pool until the ping pong table freed up and then we swatted the celuloid about for a few games. Great fun.

Another long day tomorrow but we leave Kansas!

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  1. Bob gets an A+ for pics!! Fun to see lots of you, since he was taking them----1st one a CLASSIC. Love Gerard playing dead, the bicycle-eating machine, the wrecked bikes sculpture, and yes, the Eisenhower house looks EXACTLY like Gr. Haslip's---you called it! Beautiful scenery again---different genre.
    Good to see the celebration of our nation's freedom, bought with a price....
    Love you, me