Thursday, July 23, 2009

Day 47: Canandaigua to Liverpool -- Picturesque FIngerlakes

Pictures are here
Miles: 70
Total Miles: 3583
Time: 4:18
Average: 15.9 Max 30
Flats Today: 0; Total flats:8
Climbing: 2400' of climbing -- lots of inclines and downs all along -- nothing too steep.
Weather: Rain early, then the rain quit and the roads dried. 70's to sart and 80's in by afternoon.

Rain, rain, go away, come again some other day. It was coming down steadily when we got up, when we packed and when we loaded. Breakfast was after load at Denny's but not for me. Two Otis Spunkmeyer bran muffins and a cup of coffee at the motel and I was off into the rain. Seventy miles on modest rollers seems like a short ride with nothing much needed so I decided I would get this one over with. Besides, 3-4 hours sleep the last couple of nights and I was feeling a little fried.

After an hour or two, the rain let up, and the NY scenes started coming to life. Flowers along the road opened up. The many still bodies of water reflected what was above with remarkable clarity. The small New York towns of Geneva on Seneca Lake, Waterloo, Camillus and Seneca Falls on Lake Cayuga were full of life. The traffic had picked up and sprayed water off the puddles. I wondered on more than one occasion if drivers saw me or not as they approached Rt 5 from intersections, driveways and parking lots.

It was actually kind of nice riding alone, stopping often for pictures along the way. The only SAG stop of the day was not in place yet when I drove on through. I saw Zero and Jack once briefly when they came by at a photo op, but they soon stopped for at a convenience store and then I was by myself again until I rolled into the Clarion Inn in Liverpool.

Then it was clean the bike which was absolutely as filthy as it had been all trip with grunge in and over everything. Hopefully the wet tires did not pick up any road debris to work its way through the tire and tube and end up as a hotel flat. Tomorrow is a flat 80 mile day to Little Falls NY and another day closer to the Atlantic. And to Marcia and the kids and the grandson and Home!


  1. Whst beautiful scenery! Glad you had a peaceful day! Looking forward to seeing you after a short while now!

  2. Another collage---I like them! Didn't realize how many mansion-like houses you would see, then I remembered---New York=New England:) Haide said, as she and I viewed your pics,"His father would be proud."---quite a compliment on your photography:) Just glad that you will get some sleep tonight, and will pray that these last days will be good in a different way for you---prep. for coming HOME! XOX