Thursday, July 16, 2009

Day 40: Richmond to Marysville OH: Welcome to OH-IO!

Pictures are here.
Miles: 108
Total Miles: 3031
Time: 6:10
Average: 17.5
Max 33
Flats Today: 0; Total flats:8
Climbing: Flat with a few mild rollers toward the end.
Weather: Gorgeous! 75 and sunny with mild northwesterly wind.

Wow! What a welcome back to OH. The heavy morning air soon gave way to sunny skies and a northwesterly wind to blow us along when we headed east and appreciate it when we were occasionally pedaling north. The roads were smooth, the grass was green and the skies were blue with puffy clouds as the day moved along.

And to absolutely top it this wonderful time of riding off, I rode with my early on roomie Jim for the first time since he returned to finish up with us. It was as if he had a new motor! Want him to pull at 22 mph? No problem. Want to churn up the inclines? No problem. Want to keep up when Chuck starts getting frisky and pulls going 27? No problem. Want to ride and chat at 18 into a bit of a breeze? No problem for Jim this time around. Absolutely delightful to be part of experiencing this transformation. I always knew Jim was a strong rider when I learned about his accomplishments, the most notworthy to me being the string of double centuries he's bagged. But to now see him ride again at the pace he is used to was very touching. Early on, we had prayed for this and recognize together that it is God's good hand and His great provision in working the particulars of all that happened in the past two weeks. To Him be the glory in allowing Jim to rejoin the group and get the chance to finish the ride!

And, I also had the chance to ride with Rick who had returned. He too was doing very well. Riding strong, enjoying himself and just as Jim had, he too recognized God's hand in the timing and the particulars of his fall, his injury, his leaving, his time at home, his reahabilitation and now his return for the last two weeks. Love seeing you again, brother! And, I love that you are pulling us together for prayer each evening.

And so, between the fantastic conditions and the very enjoyable time riding with these two friends and the number of others I rode with as well, it was a very special day of riding indeed. Even the lunch stop was extraordinary with the great deli sandwhich, the exceptional raspberry smoothie and getting to watch the end of the TdF stage as we ate.

And the delighs of the day did not end there! Greg Huddle, a professional friend and fellow motorcycle touring aficianado who had also done a Xcountry motorcycle trip in his younger years, showed up in the lobby this afternoon to connect and to provide moral support. That was very touching to me to see Greg.

And as if that were not enough, our very dear, long time friends, Mark and Leslie came for dinner this evening. Thanks so much for taking the time out of your very busy schedules to drive up and share the evening with us. It was so great to see you both and to get caught up on CRACK House lunches, the faithful volunteers there and on Meadowbrook Christian Fellowhip updates!

Well, Marcia is returning home tomorrow, but will be picking me up in NH in less than two weeks. Time is flying.

Tomorrow Les, Ben, Dave and Joe are planning to ride with me for part of the century. I am looking forward to that! And then Pete and Chris will be driving down from Kent to Wooster to join in for supper. I am so glad this will work out and fellow riders can get a chance to meet Pete.

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