Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Day 46 Hamburg to Canandaigua -- Best Bike Museum Ever!

Pictures are here.
Miles: 99
Total Miles: 3413
Time: 6:31
Average: 15.1
Max 35
Flats Today: 0; Total flats:8
Climbing: 3800' of climbing -- nothing steep but lots and lots of long rollers.
Weather: Sunny and pleasant. Some headwind all the way but not bad. High in 80's

Clear skies after yesterday's rain were most welcome by all of us. First stop after breakfast was the Pedaling History Bicycling Museum. Check out the link to the website. I would add that you should check out the museum if you ever get the chance, but unfortunately it appears that it will be sold and relocated by the Fall. It was an exceptional hour and a half at the start of a century long day, but worth every minute.

Carl, the owner and curator who built it up over the past 35 years is an absolute expert on every aspect of bicycling history from its origins in the early 1800's. Carl regaled us for an hour with bicycling technology, manufacturing, social acceptance, road systems, safety features and much more. He has accumulated an amazing collection of rare and unusual bikes and biking related stuff. It's an absolutely one of a kind place though its sad to think about it being relocated elsewhere.

The museum is somewhat of a complement to the Bicycle Museum of America in New Bremen Ohio which specializes more in the last 60 - 70 years. It would be kind of neat to see these two merge as it would result in a very complete picture of the growth of cycling in all its aspects.

On leaving the museum we pedaled through New York farm country with the fields and streams and woods and homes. At mile 70 there was another old time soda fountain kind of place with wonderful rootbeer floats and fantastic thin hamburgers on kaiser rolls. Absolutley delicious at reasonable prices with50's and 60's music playing on a juke box. Great fun!

On the last leg in to Canandaigua I got passed by a local rider and rode with him for a while. Kind of fun to talk to him about the family farm that he and his brother had inherited as the 4th generation and how they turned it into a glf course he now runs. Said that it has worked out exceptionally well.

At route rap tonight Michelle and Gerard started talking about ride end logisitics. Hard to believe we have only 6 days left before we dip the front wheel into the Atlantic.


  1. Felt like I was def. got the flavor of the museum---not sure I could have spent an hour and a half, but you and I are dif-fer-ent---esp in how we view museums:) Great pic of you "racing" on the Ordinary---can't believe someone would ride that (and survive) cross country! Looking forward to NH----XOX Me

  2. Cool museum--and I LOVE the photo of you on the Ordinary :-) You are almost there!!!